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The ADAM Method is a new way to promote self-healing and self attentive-Awareness in body, soul und spirit.  

The ADAM-Method Framework fulfill its beneficial action through ancient spiritual-mathematical laws, 3 X 4 = 12 components of whole Existence: Namely, the three aspect ('bodies')  – Physical, Emotional and Mental Integrating the Four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These compose together, thence, the essence of the whole Universe according to the Human perception. The uniqueness of ADAM-System Framework recognizes the energetic connection that takes place between the three bodies and the four Elements: the way in which they link together to express themselves in human life, through the 12 Vital-Centers (Chakras) within the human body.   

You can contact me:

Adam Ben-Mayor

Pfeffingerstrasse 76, 4053 Basel

Tel: 078 819 67 06

Die Besonderheit bei der Umsetzung dieser Methode ist, dass individuelle Körperarbeit in den Kursen angeboten wird.

     Wir offerieren:


  • ein unverbindliches persönliches Gespräch

  • Kurse

  • ADAM Therapie

  • Meditation

The ADAM-System re-integrates important knowledge-elements emanating from six deep-rooted universal Belief-systems, represented through: 

  • The Alexander Technique (Body-work)

  • Life couching (spiritual advice)

  • Meditations & direct work on Chakras

  • Astrology (Macro-/Microcosms & life mission)

  • Kabala (Principe- sacred)

  • Tarot (Principe hidden)

Considering the fact that each belief-system has its own spiritual center of gravity, the 6 paths blend together within the ADAM-Method, to create a unique true experience-framework for the harmonious evolution of man's essential being: The revelation of the individual life-mission, which increases good-hearted wellbeing within daily life functions. The ADAM Method shows people a clear path and help them to connect  to their inner truth, as well support people with chronic- pains and accompaniment  them in their healing process

zu den Werkzeugen, die wir benützen, gehören:

  • Die Tabelle der Essenzen: Sie gibt einen Überblick über alle möglichen

       156 Lebensaufgaben

  •  Die Tabelle der emotionalen Eigenschaft:-Sie gibt den Überblick über die

       78 Tugenden

  • Das ADAM- Geburtshoroskop zeigt unsere ursprünglichen Lebensaufgaben und Tugenden und ermöglicht eine Analyse (20 Seiten), welche die Persönlichkeit stärkt. 

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